Help the Dads Spread the Word and WIN A $100 JCC GIFT CARD

The 2015 Tour de Fun is now less than 2 months away and we dads need YOUR HELP to spread the word so we can make this the biggest, bestest and most funnest TDF in its 25 year history! We know how busy summertime can be though, so we're not asking you to take a whole 2 minutes out of your crazy day for nothing... that would be totally insensitive of us and if it's one thing us dads are experts at it, it's sensitivity. So to reward you for your share-a-rific efforts, we're going to give you a chance to win a FREE $100 JCC GIFT CARD that can be used for just about anything you have ever desired (that you can buy at the J for less than $100, at least). We are also giving away 20 Raffle Tickets that you can use to win one of over 10 awesome prizes (more details to come) in our raffle.

Just sign in below with your Facebook account or email address and start sharing away. We promise to show our appreciation by doing the dishes and taking out the trash (without being asked by our wives), but more importantly, by making the 2015 Tour de Fun the most awesome family event you will take your kids to all summer.  Good luck!